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Firefox Extensions

If you are using Internet Explorer, then go to this site and switch to Firefox.

Recently I looked into writing Firefox extensions. It is easier than I thought, although of course there is still some trickiness involved. Try here for some references on building your own.

FoxyMeter - Get it here!

My first (and only) firefox extension.

This extension adds an odometer to your browser showing how many pages you've viewed since it was installed. Hover your mouse over the display and it gives handy statistics about how many pages per hour you've viewed! The best part: once you get to a million pages viewed, you get to erase your dorky history and go back to zero. How's that for motivation to keep surfing?

Installation: Click the image to the right to install the extension. Mozilla will probably warn you about installing extensions from 3rd party sites. If you trust me (why wouldn't you?), just click the option to allow installation of extensions from tim-wood.net and then click the image again to perform the installation.

Note: This does not collect any information about the pages you view, all it does is keep a counter on your computer to keep track of the number of pages you view. Quit being so paranoid!

click here to install
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