About Us

About the Bride

Megan is a PhD student at UMass Amherst, studying Computer Science.  She received her BS in Computer Science in 2005 from Virginia Tech, and her MS from UMass in 2009.  She is an avid Virgnia Tech Football fan (Go Hokies!), and also enjoys scrapbooking, hiking, and reading.  She also spends way too much time playing video games.

About the Groom

Tim is also a PhD student at UMass Amherst, studying Computer Science. He received his BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering in 2005 from Rutgers University, and his MS from UMass in 2009.  He likes the great outdoors, doing creative things on his computer, and rocking out as a Guitar Hero.

How We Met

Obviously, we met in grad school (see above sections!).  Our first year we took the same class, and ended up studying together in the same group.  Tim claims to have seen Megan from across the room during orientation and was very interested in meeting her; Megan was oblivious.  Somehow it worked out anyway!

First Date

After studying for awhile in the computer science department building one evening, we decided to go downtown to get some dinner.  We rode the bus into Amherst, and went to one of the nicer (but still affordable) places named “Judy’s.”  We had a wonderful dinner.  Megan then had to run to catch her bus home (stranding Tim downtown), and Tim ended up needing to call a housemate to pick him up because the bus back to his house apparently doesn’t run after 5:30PM!  Oops!  Yet again we can say that somehow this all ended up working out!