Directions to Boxtree from the hotel

Here are some directions from the Holiday Inn to the wedding, for anyone who doesn’t have or doesn’t trust their GPS. If you use Google Maps you get essentially the same thing, just without the details. I’d recommend planning for 25-30 minutes since traffic can really slow you down on Rt. 24 in Vinton.

9.7 mi – about 17 mins (estimated by Google)

START: Holiday Inn Hotel Roanoke – Valley View
3315 Ordway Drive Northwest
Roanoke, VA 24017
(540) 362-4500

1. Head south on Ordway Dr NW toward Ferndale Dr NW 0.2 mi
2. Turn left at Hershberger Rd NW 167 ft
3. Merge onto I-581 S/US-220 S via the ramp to Downtown 3.9 mi
4. Take exit 6 for VA-24/Elm Ave 0.2 mi
5. Turn left at Elm Ave E – you are now on Rt. 24. The name of the road will change some, but just stay on 24 for 3.2 mi
6. Slight right at Hardy Rd/State Route 634 (the road you are on will already be called Hardy St before this turn) – here you are leaving Rt. 24. This slight right is just after the Lake Drive Plaza Shopping Center, which is just after Famous Anthony’s (both on the right). 1.7 mi
7. You will go under a stone underpass, directly afterward you can turn right at Hammond Dr. Follow the signs to Boxtree (Not Braeloch), and then go through the wooden gate labelled “Parking.” We plan to have Wedding signs along this road as well.

END: Boxtree Lodge VMCC
2393 Hammond Drive
Vinton, VA 24179-2370

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