Sounds like our last post made it more confusing for some people instead of the intended less confusing…

So here are some examples are what you could wear to our wedding:

  • For the Ladies:
    • Sundress
    • Skirt and top
    • Pants and top
    • Dress
  • For the Men:
    • Pants and polo shirt
    • Pants and button-down shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve)
    • Suit (if you really want to…but beware, it will be hot)

When we say “pants” we really just mean anything at least a step above jeans. Khakis are definitely OK. Pants covered in holes…probably not. The main point is that we want you to be comfortable and presentable, and otherwise we don’t really care. We just want you to enjoy the day and not die of heat exhaustion!

If you have a hat you want to wear to beat the heat, you are more than welcome to do so!

In case it matters: the groomsmen are wearing black suits, and the bridesmaids are wearing knee-length green dresses.

Looking forward to seeing you all in less than a week. :)

One thought on “Clarifications…

  1. Oh man. Guess I’ll have to leave my shorts that say “juicy” on the bum at home, and my backup pair of jeggings are out too!

    Seriously, your post is really making me laugh. Of course, I’m wearing a dress and David will be wearing a suit. We’ve been to so many black tie weddings that I thought our suit and dress selections were a good casual VA wedding solution, albeit a bit on the more formal end of the range you described.

    But… now that I know that khaki’s and sundresses are ok (who knew?), maybe we’ll show up looking like this instead:

    Utilikilts are ok, right? Technically they are khaki.

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